Life in Fairfax Station

Fairfax Station, Virginia, a suburb of Washington D.C., is just 23 miles from the nation's capital but you'd never know it based on the scenery, with many lakes, parks and reservoirs dotting the landscape. In addition to majestic natural surroundings, the town played a small but important role in the American Civil War and even contributed to the birth of our country's most-famous humanitarian organization, the American Red Cross.

Things To Do

Residents living in Fairfax Station will have ample opportunities to explore the wild and rugged scenery found around every corner. Fountainhead Regional Park and Burke Lake Park alone could keep you busy for the rest of your days. Between the golfing, camping, hiking and sightseeing, not to mention the countless aquatic activities, you'll never need to do the same thing twice.

Fairfax Station, Virginia, also made its imprint on American history. Built in 1858, St. Mary's Church served as a makeshift hospital for wounded Union and Confederate soldiers who were cared for by the founder of the American Red Cross, Clara Barton. In addition, the Fairfax Station Railroad Museum is just a few miles from St. Mary's; not only does the museum offer information about the influence of the railroad industry in the area, but it also discusses the community's role in the Civil War and Virginia's history.

There are several neighborhoods in the area, but Lakewood Estates is the Fairfax Station neighborhood that puts residents right in the middle of the outdoor action -- it's just a couple miles east or west from the town's two beautiful parks. Most of Fairfax Station, VA, is residential, with a lot of green space, but there are pockets of restaurants clustered together as well. Many of the local eateries are casual and cover a wide spectrum of international cuisines and American fare.


Fairfax Station real estate consists almost exclusively of single-family homes with multi-car garages on large lots. Outdoor activities are a big draw for the city, and homes for sale in Fairfax Station tend to be grouped around the town's many parks, lakes and other green spaces. Fairfax Station, Virginia, is not only a great place for urban dwellers who crave peace and quiet, but also nature lovers who love to escape the big city.

Fairfax Station, Virginia, United States